Designing Drake

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¬†The primary character in Henchmen, the comic book series I am working on, is Drake Drexler. A lot of comic book¬†characters have alliterative names, so I thought mine would to. In the first draft of the story his name was Cage Drexler, but it didn’t sound right. A friend suggested Drake instead and it stuck.

The gist of the character is that he is a young runaway, no more than twenty one. At one time he was the high school football star of his home town. Popular and confident until something terrible happened that scarred him for life, physically and mentally.… KEEP READING!

Location, Location, Location…

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I always have several personal projects that I am working on at any given moment. Right now one of them is Henchmen, comic book mini-series planned for ten issues. The original intention for this project was to make it a series of short films that would be available over the Internet. I abandoned this approach for a variety of reasons, largest of which was budget. I wrote the story to work with an intended budget of about $5,000 per episode. Even that amount, which is essentially nothing in the scheme of film budgets, was beyond me. Ultimately it was probably for the best.… KEEP READING!