The Portland Mercury

Spot and Feature Illustrations.

flowerhousepaperOne Small Step

Story by Denis C. Theriault.

I probably over did the detail on this one, considering it was only going to be a 5×4 spot illustration. I really liked the concept from the art director though, so once I got the idea in my head there was no scaling it back.

weedpaperSupply and the Man

Story by Dirk Vanderhart

Over doing it on my last spot illustration probably got me this one. A featured piece for the cover story! With no size constraints I was really able to cut loose and it ended up filling most of the page. That’s pretty cool. I had a lot of fun drawing this one.Merc-Weed-copyfightcloudpaperRound Two

Story by Denis C. Theriault.

Good old fashioned fight cloud!





donkeypaperWhat About the Other “Top Two” Primary Initiative?

Story by Denis C. Theriault.

Cartoon animals in a potato sack race. My comfort zone.Donkeyprisonpaper



Sentence Structure

Story by Dirk VanderHart

The first one I ever did for the Merc. I wasn’t sure how it would read in print so I kept it pretty simple. Probably too simple.

Markovich_PrisonChip Kelly

Recent commission for a Chip Kelly fan. I’m not super into football but I am into Conan the Barbarian and Frank Frazetta, so this was a lot of fun to do. Apologies to anyone whose team appears slaughtered.


Chip Kelly




Dungeons & Dragons

I did some commissions for a D&D team (is that the right word?). I love doing character designs but I know nothing about D&D. Luckily their character descriptions had a good sense of humor and didn’t take it too seriously. This was a fun little project.


Bike Portland

I used to draw a weekly web comic for The comics were written by Jonathan Maus. Here are a few of my favorites.