Tyger Fynger Logo

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Just did another logo, this time for a local metal band called Tyger Fynger. Logos are always fun. I had a lot of freedom with this one and it was a blast. It’ll look great on a drum set or a shirt!

Tyger Finger LogoKEEP READING!

Get Equipped.

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Messing around with Procreate again. The new version automatically records a time lapse of your process. I had no idea at the time but it is pretty cool. So here is me playing around with the new version by drawing Mega Man. Not the most dynamic composition but I think it looks ok. I’ve never watched a video of myself drawing and I got a kick out of it so here it is.


Valentine’s Day Toon

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Another Love Toon. This is the first one I’ve done that wasn’t for a wedding or an engagement. This was a Valentine’s Day gift from her to him. I had a lot of fun with this one but I was kinda kicking myself over adding sunglasses. The eyes, especially in his case, are a very distinctive feature and it was tricky capturing the likenesses without them.


Quack-Man Returns

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My Dad directed a play for CAST in Hood River a few months back. One of the characters was very into Ducks so, as a gift to the cast, he commissioned this drawing featuring Quack-Man, a character from a comic I did in High School. I dressed it up to look like one of those old ‘Men’s Adventure’ magazines. Quack-Man is fun to draw so I was glad to have the excuse. I even changed up the logo on his chest. Not that anyone would notice, but I think it is an improvement.


Wedding Toons!

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I’ve been going strong with my personalized wedding cartoons, AKA ‘Love Toons’. I’ve even opened up an Etsy account just for them.  I had a blast doing this one, especially the ghost of their dog that recently passed away. That dog was quite the character so I’m glad I got the chance to draw her. Also, I actually officiated this wedding! A first for me. It was quite the honor and I hope to be able to do one again someday.Jenny & Chris … KEEP READING!

Henchin’ Along

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I am still alive! I’ve been chugging along on Henchmen at a pretty good clip, but not as fast as I would like what with the day job and other drawing gigs. I haven’t had a lot I can show lately. Most of it is hidden away behind signatures on NDA forms. The rest is my comic, which I am avoiding showing much of until a few issues are done. At this rate that might be a while. So enjoy these two tiny bits out of context.