Toon Season

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It was a busy holiday season for Love Toons. I had more commissions than anticipated from old and new clients and it kept me good and busy. It is always nice when a client has a creative idea for their Toon, and this year’s crop did not disappoint. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this year.

First off, here is one I made for my wife for Christmas. I’m my own favorite client this year. Deal with it.¬† LizMark

More new Toons after the jump!

For a client’s brother and his wife (and their binge eating dog).


 This one was used for a Christmas card. One of the few times a commission has been based on a specific existing photo.


A return client’s order. Christmas presents for their parent’s and in-laws.

PamAlfinal8X10 BetteBill8x10

And another for a returning client’s Mom (and her dog).


Fun stuff this year. The upcoming Valentine’s season (another busy time for Love Toons) is shaping up well with some interesting commissions. More to come, I am sure.