DIY iPad stylus and app test.

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Just bought an iPad recently and I have been trying out some different drawings apps. I can’t really draw with my finger so I made myself a stylus. The nib is made of conductive foam which is like a sponge that carries the electric current from your finger to the pad. It is used in electronics and not hard to find. I shoved the foam nib into a metal pen that I took apart. Now I have a stylus that works just fine.

The app that I found to be the best was ProCreate. I honestly feel that I can do some real work with it. It doesn’t seem like a novelty. All of the features I use most in Photoshop are recreated here in a very intuitive interface. It didn’t take me long to get used to the program and just start drawing. The piece below was my first quick attempt.

I think Wacom is coming out with a pressure sensitive stylus. Until then I’ll probably just stick with the one I made.