Wonder Woman Gift Drawing

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Wonder Woman

This is a drawing of Wonder Woman I did for my Niece. She is a big WW fan just like her mother. I wanted to have WW doing something that would look just as cool as anything Batman or Superman would do. Can’t go wrong with roping a T-Rex I guess.

This was my first attempt at a T-Rex and with it just being the head I didn’t get to explore much. It is pretty close to a reference image I had. For a paying job I wouldn’t the drawing to be too similar to the reference. Seems dishonest.  I let it slide here though. I wish I woud have put more time into the details on the T-Rex, especially the snot and spit. It was all a bit of an afterthought. I should have designed it more.

Like most of my work, this was drawn in Photoshop using a tablet. For the stars I used a special ink splatter brush colored white. Not sure if I will use this exact brush for this effect again. It is a little runny in parts and looks more like white paint than stars.

The transition from white to black was done with a regular round brush to which I added a texture. The texture is from the sidewalk in front of my house. Is it noticeable? I can’t really tell.