Monday Night Speed Sketch

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Monkey Drawing

Just doing a quick little sketch tonight. I was in the monkey mood. There is another ape themed project I am doing for a client, and I didn’t have it out of my system yet. I’ll be sharing that one here once it is locked. Head construction on these guys is an interesting change from the norm. Very close to a human, so it is easy to fall back into a people drawing groove. Drawing is about recognizing shapes, especially in unfamiliar objects. Sometime proximity can be dangerous and the subject will be recognizable in the wrong way. I think I did all right here.

Highlights, especially in a dark character like this one, are an interesting challenge. You want to maintain a consistent light source and also show details of form, and sometimes those are at odds. Someone once said that style is just a word for not doing it perfectly, and I can’t say I disagree completely.