Toon Season

It was a busy holiday season for Love Toons. I had more commissions than anticipated from old and new clients and it kept me good and busy. It is always nice when a client has a creative idea for their Toon, and this year’s crop did not disappoint. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this year.

First off, here is one I made for my wife for Christmas. I’m my own favorite client this year. Deal with it.  LizMark

More new Toons after the jump!

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I’m an interNUT!

compweeterWow! What an amazing time we live in! For instance, you can now check out my art on no less than several things with the computer!

Firstly there is this website,, my home base.

Then I am on Tumblr, where I post my art and other things that I like. See?

And I am on Twitter, where I “tweet” art and try not to say anything stupid. Come follow me in a non creepy way. My handle is MarkovichMark.

I am also on LinkedIn, but you have to sign up if you want to “link” with me or whatever the hell they call it. Which you should. It’s free.

See you on the computer!

Tyger Fynger Logo

Just did another logo, this time for a local metal band called Tyger Fynger. Logos are always fun. I had a lot of freedom with this one and it was a blast. It’ll look great on a drum set or a shirt!

Tyger Finger Logo

Get Equipped.

Messing around with Procreate again. The new version automatically records a time lapse of your process. I had no idea at the time but it is pretty cool. So here is me playing around with the new version by drawing Mega Man. Not the most dynamic composition but I think it looks ok. I’ve never watched a video of myself drawing and I got a kick out of it so here it is.

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